The Actual Game

So enough context! (at least for now...) How's the game shaping up?
Well progress is getting slowed down significantly by my inability to make pixel art.

In terms of features, a lot of it has been behind the scenes these last few days. Mostly refining how things work and making them more lenient for my sake. But I have expanded the scope of scripts and made text a bit more versatile. For instance, you can now use more than one colour per text box:

I even got them to immediately display when you press Z, although there is a mandatory 1 frame delay per text change. (each piece of the text uses a different object, which needs 1 frame to do the stuff that the next piece of text relies on it having done, you see)

I finally figured out how to make the Game Over screen work without crashing the game, and I've been planning around implementing things like damage and saving.

I finally got a nice animated pause screen - with relatively little effort too! - but it's going to mandate every single entity that it effects having a "if not paused" clause... unless I think of some better way to do things. (unlikely)
Here's a big ol' .GIF! It might need to play through once really slowly while it loads before it'll play properly:

Had to cut out half of it because the file was already 33MB @ 25FPS. But hey, the uncompressed recording was 800MB, so I can't complain.

And I've been working very hard to finally get this:

This will probably end up being the "home" area. I've already reworked the tiles twice, so let's hope I remain happy with them this time. The mirror is a placeholder! Later versions should have windows instead.

Next post coming 2019/04/06 at 10:00(AM) GMT!
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