Slow, Satisfying Progress

FUCK! Has it already been 3 days since the first post?
... yep! Well, here's another one:

I've managed to make a whole lot of progress on the engine in these past two weeks, but not a whole lot on sprites. I've done 5 light sprites, the fog, an anorexic font and like 2 ground-items. The player sprite was made by one of my friends, who I hope will come 'round soon and start helping me out a little more like I wanted...
Oh well, in the meantime I could at least TRY to make some tiles myself. I'm definitely going to need someone's help doing people's sprites though. If precision doesn't matter, like in the fog sprite, I can do it easily. Otherwise I'll have a lot of trouble.

Progress has been moderately slow, but very satisfying thus far. I hope to get some people implemented into the game soon, so that there's actually some reason for me to start making the game's core mechanics. Along with like... health, psychology, hiding, etc.

I'm curious to know what people think of the look of the scanlines mixed with the pseudo-dithering on the light. I quite like dithering for the sake of dithering, rather than for the sake of making up for a limited colour palette. Lone Survivor arguably did that better than I.

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